R. Jones Builders, Inc.

Building homes and building futures. Construction work at its finest! Serving Jacksonville NC, Onslow County, and Surrounding Areas. We are here for you!

Welcome to R. Jones Builders, Inc.  

Our goal is to build energy efficient homes and buildings that are competitively priced and impressive in design. We understand that every home buyer is unique. Keeping this in mind, we build custom homes which allow the buyer to be more involved in the planning process. Together, the home builder and buyer work together and create a home that meets the buyer’s specifications. Communication between the buyer and builder is important when building custom homes in order to avoid any uncertainties. The end result is a home tailored to you and your preferences. We also build investment homes, duplexes for rental property, and commercial buildings to suit your needs. 

In addition to new construction, we also offer the following services. 

  • Free estimates  
  • Framing
  • Interior trim  
  • Remodeling  
  • Lot clearing  
  • Pond digging
  • Extreme mowing
  • Debris removal  
  • Dump truck, back hoe, and bulldozer work 
  • Concrete  
Our focus on trust and respect is the pathway to our success. We are dedicated and committed to making sure that your time with R. Jones Builders, Inc. is a rewarding experience.